About Symposium


Dear colleagues / participants,
With A Call for Unity: the İsmail Gaspıralı Bey Symposium, we want to recall the pioneer of the enlightenment movement of the Turkish World, comprehend the understanding of civilization conception correctly and offer solutions for strategic cooperation, language unity and consensus both for today and for the future. We hope that the symposium, which will be held for this purpose, will be very functional and result-oriented. During the Gaspıralı Symposium, dozens of people of science, art and culture from Turkey and around the World will talk about his experiences of unity, will try to understand the Jadidism, will know the desire to integrate the Turkish World, which he has passed from the idea to the action, and will present suggestions for the present and the future. In addition, with the awards will be given on behalf of İsmail Gaspıralı who was intellectual and man of education and was an inspiration and role model for the Turkish Nation; debt of gratitude and duty of loyalty to our people of science, art and culture who call for Unity will also be paid and efforts towards the strong future vision of the Turkish World will be encouraged.
This symposium aims to reflect the ideal and future imagery that Gaspıralı believes in, in more detail and with its aspects looking today. At the same time, it aims to start the tradition of symposiums that will serve to know and to be understood correctly the pioneers of the Turkish World with their science, art and culture dimensions by today's Turkish youth.